This fall Delta Drama seizes the opportunity to explore a different genre, the radio play, and what a better way to begin than with perhaps the most famous of all radio plays, "The War of the Worlds".  Broadcast from New York's Mercury Theatre in 1938, this infamous radio play, had many terrified listeners convinced that an actual alien invasion of Earth was taking place. Adapted by Howard E. Koch, co-writer of Casablanca, and directed and narrated by Orson Welles, this original script detailing the frightening tale of an extraterrestrial takeover will now thrill and chill audiences through a new medium.  Delta Drama presents and entirely online experience as this full scale production will be broadcast across the internet as an homage to the radio plays of the past, while looking forward to the current trends in American Theatre.

To be considered for a role, actors will submit a self-tape (a recorded video of the actor performing a monologue from the play) by August 31, 2020 @ 6pm.  

In order to receive a choice of monologues to perform and video submission instructions, click the "sign up to audition" button below.  You will be contacted with all the info.

An audition workshop will be held via zoom on August 26, 2020 @ 6pm here:

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Delta Drama is committed to open and inclusive casting that reflects the diversity of our community. ALL are encouraged to audition.

For Information about Crew and Technical Positions please contact

Kevin Bautch, Faculty, Technical Director

"Rogues' Gallery"
BY John Partick Shanley
Friday, January 15

Congratulations all!

Sides (audition monologues) will be available via HERE.


  Please refer to the list below to see which monologue you will be reading and the audition time. We most likely will not work the entire monologue, however you should be familiar with the entire piece. Also be prepared with any questions you may have about the rehearsal process or the play.


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Note: You may be considered for a role for which you have not been called back.


We begin rehearsals Tuesday, 1/19/2021.  Due to the nature of the show (the play is made up of long form monologues) the rehearsal commitment won’t be as heavy as in a typical production.

Spring production announcement is coming soon! 


Auditions and callbacks for spring semester 2022 will be held the week of December 13, 2021.  

Stay tuned here and on Facebook & instagram for all information. 

"And Then There Were None" 
by Agatha Christie
Directed by Casey McClellan
Mar 4-13, 2022
by Branden Jacob-Jenkins
Directed by Greg Foro
April 29-May 8, 2022

This spring, Delta Drama announces a full return with two productions performed live.  

Auditions will be held on Monday, Dec 13th from 5pm-9pm in the Studio Theatre (3rd Floor Locke).
Sides will be provided when you arrive at the audition.  Sign up with a partner and read ONE side. If you don't have a partner, one will be provided to you at the audition.  Further materials will be provided at the callbacks.  Mark your calendars now!
Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Callbacks for "And Then There Were None" will be held on Tuesday, 12/14 and
Callbacks for "Everybody" will be held on Wednesday, 12/15. 

Please note

  • Rehearsals for "And Then There Were None" will begin promptly on Jan. 18, 2022

  • Students must be fully vaccinated in order to register for any Spring Semester classes that meet in person, including all Delta Drama productions. 

  • Masks will be required at auditions and anyplace indoors on campus.


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